søndag den 30. december 2012

Last update of 2012

I've been working on QS Sapphire during the holiday. Here are some before and after shots :-)

QS Saphhire

QS Sapphire progress, the 16th of December

QS Sapphire progress as of today, the30th of December

So this is this year's final update. I hope to have a page finish on QS Sapphire soon to show off :-)

Happy stitchings

9 kommentarer:

  1. You've done loads, and she looks so pretty!

  2. This looks so pretty, i love the colors

  3. The blues are wonderful, she is going to be stunning! Great Stitching

  4. Great progress. She is going to be beautiful.

  5. Wonderful progress.

    Have a nice day, Manuela.

  6. Beautiful stitching Cat, this is another stash jobby for me. I love the blues in this chart...stunning. Good luck with the page finish!!
    Alicia xo

  7. Aw, I think your pictures turn out splendidly already :-). Indeed, Sapphire is looking gorgeous so far! :-)