mandag den 23. juli 2012

July IHSW update

Hi stitchers!

I spend my IHSW on Envy (of course). In fact, I pretty much only stitched during Saturday. Friday was spent celebrating my four-year wedding anniversary with the hubby. Sunday I spent doing absolutely nothing! I could not pull myself together and pick up the needle. Truth be told, I am growing tired of all the green in Envy, and I am looking forward to work on my other projects as well, but I am determined to finish this page on Envy before returning to my rotation again.

And since I love before-and-after shots myself, I made these for you guys :-)

Before July IHSW

After July IHSW
I could have done more, since I'm still on holiday. But as I wrote; I could not pull myself together. I do like, however, that I have started stitching her dress, so that was a bit of a kick for me.

While playing around with my camera, my dog, Ronja, became very curious:

I think I might take a small break from stitching during this week. Hopefully my stitchy bug for Envy will return very soon!
I am looking forward to see everyone's updates on this weekend's progress!

Happy stitching!

tirsdag den 17. juli 2012

Envy and upcoming IHSW

The hubby and I went to London for a week. We only just got home last week. It was great; we got to see some old castles (mainly castles from the Tudor period that I love) and we also saw some of our English friends.

After the trip I started working on Envy again - it takes me forever to finish just one page!

Current progress on Envy
I actually think I've begun stitching her dress, but because all the colours are green, it is difficult to see where the grass ends or begins :-)

I'd also like to encourage everyone to join IHSW this month. Even if you only intend to put in a few stitches. Join here on Joysze's blog:

If you don't know what IHSW is, you can read up on it here:

Happy Stitchings everyone!
- Cat.

tirsdag den 3. juli 2012

Envy Update

Hi guys,

I haven't had time to do as much stitching as I would like (but when do I ever?) As I have written in earlier posts I've been busy baking for a party at the school where I work, for everyone who passed this year's teacher's training (and I was among them - yay).

Enough excuses though - here is my current progress on Envy:



I've only filled in three colours, but I should hit the bottom of her dress very soon :-)

I've also taken pictures of all the cakes I were to bake for the party:

With that I'll wish you all a Happy Stitchy Summer :-)
- Cat.