lørdag den 23. februar 2013

Finally another update on Snowdrop!

So, I've done quite a bit on Elliott's Snowdrop Fairy during the past couple of weeks. She finally has a face (though no eyes yet, which does make her look kinda spooky). I've yet to do the backstitching and beading in her necklace and headdress.

Joan Elliott's Snowdrop Fairy, the 23rd of February 2013

Close-up of spooky Snowdrop Fairy

 In this month's issue of Cross Stitch Collection magazine there was a nice preview of Elliott's next historical lady: This time around we'll some Victorian fashion. I absolutely love this design (much more than the Medieval Lady, actually), and I definitely intend to start stitching her once I recieve April's issue of Cross Stitch Collection!
This does mean, however, that all of my stitchy goals are going out the window, since I simply do not have the time to work on both the Elliott designs and the Heaven & Earth Designs at the same time. Oh well - anything for the Victorian Era, I guess :-)

Preview Elliott's Victorian Lady
Happy stitchings, everyone!
- Cat.

onsdag den 6. februar 2013

Another update on Snowdrop Fairy

So, when I'm not correcting my students' essays I'm working on Snowdrop Fairy. Here's my current progress:

Snowdrop Fairy, the 6th of February 2013
Not bad, eh? You can now see her upper body, which I intend to finish over the upcoming weekend :-)

Happy Stitchings!
- Cat.