søndag den 15. maj 2011

First HAED design

I just ordered my very first Heaven and Earth Design. I never even knew such designs existed until last week. I ordered a design called "Envy" by Marta Dahlig, it's part of a series; "7 Deadly Sins" - all of the seven designs were absolutely breathtaking and it was very hard just to pick one of them. I ended up with this one:

I have already made some preparations for this design, including buying some of the colours needed (I need 90 colours in total!).

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Cat,

    Thanks for your comment. For the Sins I am using 18count. They are going to be rather large, but Im ok with that! I like 18 because its not to small and its not to big, its just right. So for that I use 2 over 1, I also have started at the bottom, manly because I like working up and not down. I cant wait to follow your journey with "Envy" Along with mine! Best of Luck! Any questions just Ask!

  2. Hi Cat! I always stitch with a hoop and have done since i was taught. To be quite honest the stitchs may be flattened, when they come directly off the hoop. after awhile they always spring back to there orginal form. I've never had any major disaters (cross my fingers) Another trick is to give your work a quick steam with the iron, do it face down, and on a fluffy towel. I have found this useful for getting out the hoop marks and bringing the stitchs back to life. The other thing to remember, is that with the HAED once you have stitched that particular area, the chances of it being in the hoop again is none, also I always remove my hoop after every stitch session. I guess what Im saying is I try not to get to hung up in it because they will always come back to life! Hope that Helps!