lørdag den 28. maj 2011

Small update

Here's some pictures of my latest progress:



Saturday (today)

I think the background is coming out nicely.

I won't have much time for stitching over the next couple of days since I've got a lot of exams coming up. After the 1st of June I'll also have a lot of exam essays (just about 120 essays!) to correct, so plenty of work to do.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Hey Catrina,
    I just bought this chart from the HAED sale. I blame manbroider as his wips are awesome. I'm looking forward to your progress as well as he is working from the bottom up so now I will get a chance to see it being worked from the top down. Congrats on your progress so far it's looking great!
    Alicia xo

  2. It looks great! wonderful progress!
    I will look forward to watching your progress on it