mandag den 18. juli 2011

IHSW results

Sorry for not posting yesterday, my internet was acting up.

I didn't get to do much stitching this weekend unfortunately. Friday evening we went to my mother's and slept over. Saturday morning we went to see a house, that we've been looking at for some time. Turned out it wasn't for us anyway. Saturday evening we had guests over for dinner, and Sunday we cleaned our appartment, and a couple came to take a look at it. You've probably guessed already, that we're trying to sell our appartment, all though it's not going too well at the moment.

But no more excuses; here is what I had time to do:

I know it isn't much. But then again, my weekend turned out to be dead busy :-(

7 kommentarer:

  1. Way I see it, every stitch is important, and for having had such a busy weekend, you got quite a bit done. :D Love those greens.

    Good luck with the apt. sale and happy house hunting.

  2. Every stitch is a stitch ;)
    You did more stitches then me on some days ;))
    The greens are gorgeous!

  3. Progress is progress be it a few stitches or a lot. Each stitch is a stitch closer to a beautiful finish. Good luck with all the house stuff.

  4. I absolutely love the colors in this! So beautiful! :)

  5. It doesn't matter. Progress of any kind is still progress. After all, it's more than you had before the weekend!!!

  6. Progress is progress, even if it's small =)
    Looks wonderful =)