søndag den 20. maj 2012

Small Draenei Update

So once again it's been a very long time, since I last posted anything here. Luckily I'm done with my exams (I handed in my last written assignment last Monday). After that, it has been an extreme Diablo 3 frenzy at my home. My husband and I both play the game, and it's amazing! I have already made two characters and intend to play them both through the different levels of difficulty.

I managed to stitch a little on the Draenei picture (by Sara Forlenza). You can find the picture in one of my earlier posts :-)

Bottom row, you can see the bottom of her belly and her belly button

Close up of my progress, May 21st 2012
As you can see I'm still missing some stitches in the bottom row.

I was also thinking, that I need to get some sort of rotation sorted. I read a post by Ewa (link to her blog: http://darkandfluffy.blogspot.com/) that she has a 10 hour rotation system, which I think sounds rather cool. Once my holiday really kicks off, I think I'll try that out for a bit, since I still feel like stitching the Mini Citrine,

I'm not sure, however, about Envy by Marta Dahlig. I started it last year, but the project simply seems endless to me, and the stitches are very small for my eyes. I was thinking about ordering Envy as a Mini and stitch her up in larger stitches? But so far, nothing is planned as such.

Happy stitching!
- Cat.

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  1. Oh, Cat, I love the bigger pieces. I have Envy, but I started Lust first. I do love my HAEDs, lol. I have three in my rotation, and two UFOs too. I like the amount of detail you can see in the bigger pieces. You just can't get that with a mini. They look good, but not as good, imo. But you have to do what you've gotta do. After all, if you don't like it, you won't work on it. Good luck with your rotation. Mine is a little bit different as I don't keep track of my time. I work on SALs four days a week (Sun, Tues, Wed, Thurs) and rotation the other three days. Each rotation project gets two "weeks" (a week being Mon, Fri, Sat), and then goes back in it's bag for next time. It works out great because that way, I'm fluid. If I get a few extra hours here or there, it's okay. And if I miss a few hours, that's okay too. It's lovely. Keeps me interested and engaged. Of course, they're all BAPs, lol. God forbid I should do something small! I like your current WIP. I can see her belly, and I can't wait for further developments!

    1. Thanks for your answer! I agree, the large designs have so much detail on them. No matter what I choose to do, I have to start her over (because of the size onthe stitches, that are too small for me to work with). However, if I choose larger stitches for Envy the finished design will be HUGE! And I mean extremely huge. I'm not even sure I would hang her on my wall, if the finished product is that big.

      So I'm thinking mini's are the way to go for me perhaps? But I definitely see your point about the details!

      - Cat :)

  2. I also go for the big projects, the detail is wonderful and when it's done it will just be impressive! But I understand what you mean. Sometimes your stitch and stitch and nothing seems to happen. And if the stitches are to small for you, a higher count would really be good. I tried stitching without glasses a few times, but I got a headache after some time because the stitches were to small, so stitching wasn't really fun.
    I think Minis are a really good thing, they are small than a full design but you still stitch the whole design (I mean with QS you only stitch a part of it). So maybe you should give a mini on a bigger count a try! =)
    Whatever you will chose, I'll be happy to see your progress =)

    By the way, I love your work on Draenei! The blue colors are wonderful =)