søndag den 24. juni 2012

1st Page Finish on Envy

Yep, here I go again on Envy. It feels soooo much better with a bit larger stitches and it turns out much nicer in my opinion.

Here's a picture of the entire piece from Heaven and Earth Designs:

And here's a picture of my progress: 

Envy, bottom left, the 24th of June
I am now working on the page right above this one. I am looking very much forward to stitching her dress - I just love the colours! I intend to finish one more page before returning to my rotation system again :-)

I am not sure how much time I'll have for stitching during the upcoming week. The hubby and I are to bake and decorate cakes for approximately 100 people. The school where I teach is throwing a small party for everyone who finished their teacher's training this year, so we'll spend a lot of time baking and making fondant flowers ;-)

- Happy stitchings from Cat.

11 kommentarer:

  1. Wow, wird die toll!!!!
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  2. Congrats on finishing your first page, and happy to hear it's going easier for you. :)

  3. Hi Cat,

    I was wondering which fabric and count you are using on Envy? I am using the 25 count linen on my HAED and am having a really hard time with it. I'm not too far in that I couldn't switch fabric.

    Your work is beautiful!


    1. For Envy I use 16 count aida fabric. I used 18 earlier, but I found the stitches to be very small and the stitches became uneven. I do not even have problems with my sight on a daily basis, but this fabric just killed thefun for me. But 16 count seems to be working just fine, the finished piece will turn out to be huge in the end though - but as long as I am enjoying myself while stitching, I think that is worth it :-)

      - Cat

  4. It is looking nice! Well done.

  5. Looking gorgeous already... can't wait to see more, I love the 7 deadly sins... I've got vanity!

  6. You made a wonderful start on this one and it's even better to hear that you enjoy stitching her =)
    I hope to see more of her soon =)

  7. What a beautiful embroidery. Very nice!

  8. Wow, lots of people. I hope you can keep up, lol. Grats to everyone who passed. And Envy looks fabulous. I have that chart in my want to do list. I've got it, but it's not kitted up yet. Just printed out and waiting (impatiently) for me to get around to it.