tirsdag den 3. juli 2012

Envy Update

Hi guys,

I haven't had time to do as much stitching as I would like (but when do I ever?) As I have written in earlier posts I've been busy baking for a party at the school where I work, for everyone who passed this year's teacher's training (and I was among them - yay).

Enough excuses though - here is my current progress on Envy:



I've only filled in three colours, but I should hit the bottom of her dress very soon :-)

I've also taken pictures of all the cakes I were to bake for the party:

With that I'll wish you all a Happy Stitchy Summer :-)
- Cat.

4 kommentarer:

  1. Ohh, you've done loads !!! Envy is a stunning design and those cakes look gorgeous !!



  2. Envy looks awesome and oh my gosh those cakes are beautiful! You've got talent!

  3. Oh your cakes look yummy =) And beautiful =)

    Great work on Envy, those colors are stunning =)

  4. Hi Cat! I'm envious of envy - you're stitching looks immaculate, beautiful work. Yummo on the cakes too and congrats on passing teacher's training. Great news!