mandag den 20. august 2012

August IHSW!

Yay! Guess what I found in the mail last week! The cross-stitch kit I've been waiting for the last couple of weeks. As I wrote in my last post, I am stitching this for a friend of mine, who's expecting her first child (a baby boy!). The final piece will look like this:

And here is my progress over the weekend:

Before IHSW

After IHSW
You probably can't really tell what's what yet, but I can tell you, that I am working on the center of the piece, which is the baby's head. Hopefully the baby will have eyes soon, and not look as creepy as I think he does at the moment ;-)

Happy Stitchings!

8 kommentarer:

  1. It will be a gorgeous piece when finished! And, yes, stitching in the eyes will make the blob look like a baby!

  2. Das ist wunderschön. Ein ganz tolles Motiv.
    Liebe grüße grit

  3. Yeah it does look a little creepy. You can tell it's the head though. Your stitching is perfection, really lovely. Your friend is very lucky to have you, she will adore it. xo

  4. What a perfect picture! You've made excellent progress, and I agree, when the eyes are done it will look much better.

  5. That is great progress over the weekend! What a wonderful piece for your friend!

  6. Very lovely progress on the weekend! It's a sweet design!

  7. Beautiful piece, and great work!

  8. I just love the pattern , great progress during hermit too!