mandag den 13. august 2012

Finally an update!

And guess what? I don't have much to update... The last couple of weeks I've been gaming with the hubby - "The Secret World" is a really great game and quite addictive as well. I promise to try and update some more in the future.

So my summerholidays are finally over (sadly) and I started working today. I did not get as much stitching done as I would have liked over the summer, but at least I got some quality time gaming with the hubby :-)

I've been working on Envy since last update (yes, I'm STILL on the same page, and it's driving me mad to be honest - so much black and dark green).

Envy at my last update

Envy as of August 13
I've also been rather bad... ;) I'd sworn I would not buy another chart and start another cross-stitch project. But when some of our very good friends told they were pregnant I could not resist :-) They've been struggling with becoming pregnant for some time now, and now they are expecting a healthy baby boy! I am so happy for them, especially because they are among the kindest of people I know, and I know they will be great parents!

On a more personal note, I guess I've also been able to relate to them a lot, since the hubby and I have experienced some of the same problems. So when something like this happens it really gets my hopes up!

I have therefore ordered a cross-stitch kit (from a Scandinavian page called Ateljé Margaretha) and I intend to stitch it for them as a surprise. I cannot decide when to give it to them though ;-) I hope it'll be in the mail soon, as I would really like to work on this for the upcoming IHSW.

Happy stitching all!

4 kommentarer:

  1. Keep going on Envy. She is looking good. Your new chart is beautiful.

  2. Your almost there - good luck with the rest of it. It's such an awesome feeling when you achieve a page finish. Don't worry about not getting as much done as you would have liked. It's great you had fun on your holidays and that's all that matters!! The new chart is gorgeous, fantastic choice I'm sure your friend will love it!! xo

  3. Beautiful work! And it looks like you're almost done the page! Love that new project too, lucky parents-to-be!

  4. Beautiful design for the parents to be. Good progress on all the black and green!