mandag den 26. november 2012

Lots of updates - lots of pics!

And I have once again managed not to blog for almost a month! Well, it's not because I haven't been stitching. I've done quite a bit over the last few weeks actually. So here's an update (I apologize for the wrinkly fabric, I simply did not have the time to iron the fabric this morning):

Beloved Child:
It's finally finished!! I'm going to get it framed over the next week or so. It is so good to see the final result - and so good to return to my other projects. It took just about two months to finish for me (not counting the one month I spent in World of Warcraft):

"Beloved Child" at the last update

"Beloved Child" today - finished!

After the finish I picked up on Envy once again:

"Envy" by Marta Dahlig
"Envy" at the last update in August 2012

"Envy" today - second page finish

Mini Citrine:
After the page finish on Envy, I picked up the Mini Citrine, which I have not worked on in ages! This is also my first full row finish on a HAED!

"Mini Citrine" by Rachel Anderson
"Mini Citrine" at the last update in June 2012

"Mini Citrine" last page in progress (partial page)

"Mini Citrine" full row finish!!

QS Sapphire - NEW START:
For my birthday (the 23rd of Nov.) I received materials from the hubby to start a new cross stitch design. I chose to start QS Sapphire by Rachel Anderson, simply because I think the colours are stunning!:

"QS Sapphire" by Rachel Anderson
"QS Sapphire" progress as of the 26th of November 2012, bottom left corner

That's it for this time around. I'll be working on QS Sapphire for a while now (until the first full page finish).

Happy Stitchings!
- Cat.

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  1. Such lovely projects and I want to start 2 of them. I was wondeing about your hoop though. If you stitch with a hoop, how do you handle all that excess fabric, seeing as most HAEDs are large.

    1. I usually have the fabric folded undernearth the hoop. The important thing is that I am comfortable while stitching, so the fabric is mainly placed on the table in front me.

  2. They are lovely projects.
    The Beloved Child is wonderful.

    Have a nice day, Manuela.

  3. All your projects look stunning! Great progress on your HAEDs and congrats on finishing Beloved Child :-)

  4. Congrats on your finish and great progress on everything! I know I've been MIA for a while but just caught up on all your blog posts - looks so awesome!

  5. Congrats on your lovely finish. Great stitching:)

  6. Congrats to your finish. This is so lovely.
    All other projects are so great. I`m looking forward to see more.
    Liebe Grüße Grit

  7. Your projects are gorgeous! Congrats on your finish, too :D

  8. WOW look at you go!!! I love all your wips and they are all shaping up beautifully. Fantastic progress - they all look amazing. I love these charts.
    Alicia xo

  9. Congrats on your finish =) I love your stitching =) A wonderful new start 0)