lørdag den 28. maj 2011

Small update

Here's some pictures of my latest progress:



Saturday (today)

I think the background is coming out nicely.

I won't have much time for stitching over the next couple of days since I've got a lot of exams coming up. After the 1st of June I'll also have a lot of exam essays (just about 120 essays!) to correct, so plenty of work to do.

tirsdag den 24. maj 2011

First update on Envy

Since I had to wait about a week for the fabric I ordered I haven't been doing much stitching, but here's an update on what I have been doing so far:

The border took a very long time, but I'm pleased with the outcome :) There's a lot of confetti stitches coming up soon, and I really hate confetti stitches. I just hope I can still keep going at this pace.

søndag den 15. maj 2011

First HAED design

I just ordered my very first Heaven and Earth Design. I never even knew such designs existed until last week. I ordered a design called "Envy" by Marta Dahlig, it's part of a series; "7 Deadly Sins" - all of the seven designs were absolutely breathtaking and it was very hard just to pick one of them. I ended up with this one:

I have already made some preparations for this design, including buying some of the colours needed (I need 90 colours in total!).

A Row of Love

Another Dimensions design called "A Row of Love". I started stitching it about 2 years ago.

Dimensions design

I ordered this design some five years ago, and still haven't finished.

I have not worked on this design for three years or more, can't seem to pull myself together on this one.