mandag den 6. februar 2012

Small update

I thought I would make a small update of this weekend's progress on Mini Citrine:

Mini Citrine as of February 6
As I've written earlier, the colours are very strong and I often wonder why I am to use those exact colours, or go to check twice that I have picked the right colour-number. But seeing it from a distance, it really makes sense how the colours come together. I love the result so far. Hopefully next time, my update will include a page-finish :)

Happy stitching!
- Cat.

2 kommentarer:

  1. Cat, it's beautiful!! Sometimes it's hard to gauge when we're stitching with our noses practically pressed up against the fabric. But stepping back puts everything into wonderful perspective. :D

  2. I once went thread shopping with my friend who was starting her first HAED - Old World Map - and was a bit nervous and wanted me to go with her. So we were buying the DMC, etc., and one of the colors was, I kind you not, neon orange. I looked at it skeptically but you know what? Trust Michele :)

    Citrine looks beautiful :)