søndag den 12. februar 2012

A Weekend's Work

I have changed the design of my blog. I hope you like it. I chose the colours bearing the Citrine in mind, since she is my focus piece at the moment :-)

So here is what I did over the weekend. I could have done more than this though, so the progress is not overwhelming.


And here's a picture of the entire piece so far:

Mini Citrine, February 12 2012
That's it for me so far! Hopefully I'll have more timefor stitching during this week (since I have the week off), I do however have a lot of 'homework' to do ;-)

Happy stitching!
- Cat.

9 kommentarer:

  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous, congrats on your lovely progress

  2. Beautiful stitching and your blog colour is very pretty

  3. Blog layout looks great! It's not too distracting but is very pretty. Great progress on citrine. Even small progress is big progress with an HAED :)

  4. Your blog is very pretty and so is the stitching! Keep up the great progress :)

  5. Citrine is gorgeous! I love these minis. Beautiful work.

  6. Hi! I just popped over from the HAED stitching blog to tell you how pretty this design is looking. I have it on my HAED wishlist. I just love the orange colors. It is looking awesome. :)