mandag den 27. august 2012

Progress on the Baby!

So I've been a bit busy over the last week - starting work again and meeting all the new students I'm going to teach this year.

I did manage, however, to put a few stitches in the Baby Picture. Here are the before and after shots:

"Beloved Child" at the last update

"Beloved Child" today
I'm really excited that you can see the face now. Now I just need to decide whether to work on the mother's face (top left area) or her hand (bottom right area).

- Happy Stitchings!

mandag den 20. august 2012

August IHSW!

Yay! Guess what I found in the mail last week! The cross-stitch kit I've been waiting for the last couple of weeks. As I wrote in my last post, I am stitching this for a friend of mine, who's expecting her first child (a baby boy!). The final piece will look like this:

And here is my progress over the weekend:

Before IHSW

After IHSW
You probably can't really tell what's what yet, but I can tell you, that I am working on the center of the piece, which is the baby's head. Hopefully the baby will have eyes soon, and not look as creepy as I think he does at the moment ;-)

Happy Stitchings!

mandag den 13. august 2012

Finally an update!

And guess what? I don't have much to update... The last couple of weeks I've been gaming with the hubby - "The Secret World" is a really great game and quite addictive as well. I promise to try and update some more in the future.

So my summerholidays are finally over (sadly) and I started working today. I did not get as much stitching done as I would have liked over the summer, but at least I got some quality time gaming with the hubby :-)

I've been working on Envy since last update (yes, I'm STILL on the same page, and it's driving me mad to be honest - so much black and dark green).

Envy at my last update

Envy as of August 13
I've also been rather bad... ;) I'd sworn I would not buy another chart and start another cross-stitch project. But when some of our very good friends told they were pregnant I could not resist :-) They've been struggling with becoming pregnant for some time now, and now they are expecting a healthy baby boy! I am so happy for them, especially because they are among the kindest of people I know, and I know they will be great parents!

On a more personal note, I guess I've also been able to relate to them a lot, since the hubby and I have experienced some of the same problems. So when something like this happens it really gets my hopes up!

I have therefore ordered a cross-stitch kit (from a Scandinavian page called Ateljé Margaretha) and I intend to stitch it for them as a surprise. I cannot decide when to give it to them though ;-) I hope it'll be in the mail soon, as I would really like to work on this for the upcoming IHSW.

Happy stitching all!