mandag den 30. januar 2012

Current progress: Mini Citrine

I've had a little time to do some stitching over the weekend. I had my exam today, and it went really well! My last exam will be in april, so for now I feel I can relax a bit more. There's a holiday coming up in two weeks time, so hopefully I'll get a lot of stitching done then :-)

Here's the Mini Citrine as of tonight:

Mini Citrine, January 30, 2012
Some of these colours have really surprised me. I did not expect such strong colours at the bottom of her dress, but it'll probably make more sense as I make more progress on her.

I'll see if I can get some more work done on her during the week :-)
Happy stitching everyone!

søndag den 22. januar 2012

January's IHSW results

So, even though I had sooo many things to do  this weekend, I actually think I did pretty good :) I worked on the Mini Citrine I got from my husband for my birthday last year:

There were many confetti stitches at the bottom of the dress, so that took me most of the Sunday, but I did get a nice headstart to the dress itself :)

Looking forward to see everyone's progress over the next days!

- Cat.

onsdag den 18. januar 2012


Yeah, so I signed up for this weekend's IHSW. I will not, however, be able to do alot. As explained in my earlier post I have a lot of work.

Friday, my husband and I are going to celebrate our anniversary. It is now six years since we started dating, it also means we have been married for exactly three and a half years now :)

Saturday, my mother is throwing a birthday party - she is turning 65.

And Sunday I have planned on working for a bit and preparing a lesson on Macbeth for my students.

So all in all, I am not sure how much I will get done - but I will most certainly try!

Happy Hermiting Everyone.
- Cat.

tirsdag den 17. januar 2012

Update on Citrine

So I've been working on the Mini Citrine for the last couple of days. The next couple of weeks will be dead busy with work since I am facing a sort of exam in less than two weeks. Basically all of my supervisors (four people) and an extra teacher from another school are going to observe me, while I am teaching. It may not sound as much, but I am telling you - EVERYTHING has to be perfect. Every little detail that might go wrong will be noted down. As you can tell - I am rather nerveous already.

But I decided to take a night off from work, and work on my cross-stitch instead. It usually helps me relax. But I will not get as much done over the next few weeks.

January 13

January 15
1st Page Finish - January 17

January 17
I really enjoy stitching this design. There are many different and beautiful colours, and not too many confetti stitches, so that's nice :)

And just a little reminder what she will look like in the end:

As you can see I have started with the bottom left corner. I am hoping to get a lot stitching done after my exam. Luckily, I have a week's koliday coming up in week 7 :)

- Cat.

søndag den 8. januar 2012

I'm Ba-ack

...Or almost... I'm still dead busy with work. But here is something that I have been working on lately, it was a Christmas gift for my mother. The desgin is called "Spanish Beauty" and it's from Lanarte:

As of May 15 2011
As of December 9 2011
Hubby with finished Spanish Beauty :-)
I also received a fantastic birthday present from the hubby (my birthday was in November): Two new cross stitch charts from Heaven and Earth Design:

Mini Citrine

Mini Opal

The Citrine is my birthstone (November) and the opal is my husband's birthstone (October) - at least to some different webpages on the internet :) Nevertheless, the designs are gorgeous - especially the Opal one in my opinion.

I started the Mini Citrine almost as soon as I got it. Here is my current progress:

Mini Citrine as of January 9 2012

I have decided to put Envy on hold for a bit. I feel the project is a wee bit too big for my taste, and the stitches are very small compared to what I usually stitch. So I think I will continue with the Citrine for a while :-)

- Cat.